Pop Culture’s Netflix and Chill


Almost everyone is familiar with the term “Netflix and Chill”. It’s becoming so popular that we are hearing it on television shows and reading it on t-shirts.

So why is watching Netflix becoming the thing to-do?

Our generation no longer looks to the television set for entertainment. Instead, it is all about fast-paced movement and keeping up through binge-watching, something provided by Netflix. You don’t have to sit through commercials, and you don’t have to wait for weekly episodes. The options are pretty endless through Netflix. Above all, it is an enabler! You can watch non-stop episodes for days at a time. The selection is huge: you can watch thrillers, comedies, or even romance movies at the click of a button.

For me, I like the fact that you can stream a movie and search the web at the same time so you’re not forced to stay in one room to watch something. Instead, your laptop and your smartphone can go wherever you go. Netflix is very flexible, which makes it one of the top sources for today’s entertainment.

For me, Netflix and Chill means to be able to release stress from your day. It allows you to take your mind off of whatever you have going on — something that I think is really important for most students like myself who are now facing finals week.

Of course, since Netflix is an an escape from the “real world,” it can become a distraction from things we need to get done. Just make sure that your binge-watching doesn’t get in the way of your studies. Study first, Netflix and Chill second!

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