Pop Culture Overnight Sensations

(YouTube)Overnight sensation

Missy Lynn and Shay Carl have all changed the definition of what it means to be a YouTuber.

YouTube started as a source where we as users would go to funny videos that we would often share them with our friends. Over time, YouTube has become the career of many people like Missy Lynn and Shay Carl. Today’s YouTubers have been able to expand their brands beyond the internet to become household names.

I watched Missy Lynn record makeup tutorials in her bedroom, and now she is a spokesmodel for Maybelline. I watched Shay Carl struggle to make ends meet in a job that he hated. Today, he uses YouTube and sponsorship as his main source of income doing a career that he loves.

These YouTubers are everyday people, just like you and me. For me, it is inspiring to see an average person like Missy Lynn or Shay Carl become so successful from YouTube after their humble beginnings. Their rise to fame serves as encouragement that if you want something bad enough, and you work hard for it, you can obtain it.

These success stories also show that there is not one clear path to success but instead you pave your own way. And that YouTube can help you do that.

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