Politics and Higher Education

Save our Map Grant

Like me, many Dominican University students woke up to find an outstanding balance in their student account.

Normally students receive a financial aid award that is composed of school scholarships, state loans and grants. For Dominican students, the MAP (Monetary Award Program) grant is basically funding that is used to ease the financial burden of attending college. Most students heavily depend on the grant to be able to attend classes.

Recently there has been a lot of controversy in the news regarding the Illinois MAP grant because of Governor Bruce Rauner’s decision to veto the bill that would have allocated funds to students. In the Daily Illini news article titled Illinois senate passes bill to overturn Rauner’s veto on MAP grants, Rauner stated that he vetoed the bill originally “because the state did not have enough money in its budget to pay for the grants”(Illini staff report 2016).

Without this grant, what are students other options? To apply for more student loans? Get a second job?

I think I speak for both myself and others when I say students don’t need these additional stresses when their only focus should be on school. This grant affects the lives of so many students that it is hard to believe that such a rash decision could be made by someone we put in office to help advance our community.

Without the MAP grant, many students like me, and including me, will have a more difficult time receiving a higher education and fulfilling our dreams. It is important that students become aware of what is going on in the world of politics so that they understand how the world they live in is being affected.

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