Student Reflects on Rhetoric & Communication Major

My name is Axel Vargas-Irlanda, and I am a Rhetoric and Communication Major and Social Media Minor here at Dominican University.

Usually when some asks me what my major is and I say, “Rhetoric and Communication,” I either get the responses of “Oh cool! What is that?” or “What does a person do with that?”

I reply to them with “Just about anything.”

When I first came to Dominican, I had no idea what I wanted to do. So, I talked with my peer adviser, and she would tell me all the classes that I needed, but also tried to find some that I found interesting. When she showed communication classes that dealt with film, film editing, social media, gaming, journalism, graphic design, business, learning how to public speak, and more — that I could list on and on — I knew it was the major for me.

Open Mic Night 2Every communication class I have taken helped me apply for the jobs and clubs I have taken part in here at Dominican. The club in which I have used the most of my communication skills is taking part with the Campus Activities Board in the Mainstage department. My job was to host open mics, post publicity of events on social media, hosting student requested events, and hire entertainment for students on campus.

To create events I would have to reserve the space, handle contracts with the companies coming to campus (if needed), make sure there was food/catering at the events, buy prizes/giveaways for students that attend, and work a team of people to make sure everything was prepared for the event.

Open Mic Night

For open mics I would host them by speaking in front of over 70 people, introducing student performances, telling jokes, keeping the crowd interested and even performing myself. It was not just about music either; the largest event was a video game tournament, Game Night Live.

Game Night Live 2

This had the most attendance of any event I created with the club, having over 100 Dominican students, residents and commuters. The winners got to win the newest of the gaming systems. People were going crazy when the tournament was going on, and everyone enjoyed having this kind of event for Dominican. Taking classes like public speaking, persuasion, and many others helped me prepare for events like that.

Game Night Live

For these events I would also have to make the online flyers. They were fun to make, and taking the graphic design classes I needed to take helped me create them. These flyers went out on several of Dominican’s web pages, all around campus, and made into larger posters around campus for students to see.

Doing all of this made me feel like I was actually doing something and made me realize it is what I want to do in my future.

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