Student’s Experience with Podcasting

785972Paulina Wojtach, a Psychology major and Social Media minor, took CAS 352 “Convergent Media” this past spring. She went on to complete an internship with Hope for the Day, a non-profit organization devoted to combating and stopping suicide, where she put both her academic interests to work in developing content to reach out to troubled teenagers.

She also completed audio production lessons this summer wherein she produced a podcast, Adaptations, in which she and a co-host discuss several well-known cases of famous books becoming famous movies, such as The Hobbit and Fight Club.

When asked if she would recommend other Dominican University students learn and develop their own podcasts, she replied definitely.

I would definitely recommend others to create a podcast. It is a fun way to talk about something that you enjoy. It was a lot of fun to do record the podcast with another person. Sometimes we would go off script, because we would become really invested in the conversation. Those off script moments were often the most interesting comments within the podcasts, because they were completely natural. 

You can listen to Paulina’s podcast here:

Paulina is just another of our students who understands why communication matters.

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