Undecided Major? Let’s Talk Communication!


Going to college is a huge step to the next part of life. Why? Basically because you are about to pick a major or minor that could determine the rest of your life. That’s a scary feeling knowing that after college you will be on the hunt to find a job, and sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is not, but with the right education you can be well on your way to the job of your dreams. Which brings to me to why you should look into being a Communication Major or Minor.

Communication is probably one of the most coolest majors. There is so much you can do and learn while studying this subject. According to Dominican’s website, there are 14 different areas of Communication you can focus on.


To me that sounds really broad and it is! You can be the next big TV Broadcaster or the company’s best marketing employee. You can accomplish anything by going into Journalism, TV, Radio, Marketing, Advertising, Human Resources, Public Speaking, Research, and More!

According to Best Degree Programs, Communication is listed as one of the top 10 majors for indecisive students. It says, “If you are not sure exactly what you want to do with your life, but know you have an above-average knack for communicating ideas or organizing information, a communications degree can turn this natural ability into a very marketable resume. These skills are in constant demand from a variety of industries.”

The other cool thing about going into communication is the classes you’ll take! Being a communication major myself, I simply love the classes and learning what each class has to offer. If you have never taken an interpersonal communication class you should, because you learn all about communication and people. I love learning about people and how communication works between people and on a global level. It’s an essential skill I believe that everyone should learn about. No matter the job, you need communication, and the skills that come along with it because, let’s face it, you are around people every day. And especially in the work force, it will be extremely important to carry these skills, which brings me to the next reason of why you should look into communication.

According to Fort Hays State University, “According to research conducted by NACE (2011), the most important skill and quality a college graduate can have is effective communication. Today, in order to be an efficient employee, graduates must have more than job-specific skills.” Indeed, this is true! Going off of what I previously said, no matter the job, you need communication. This is why if you choose not to major in communication, you can minor in it!

If you’re a nurse and you’re talking with doctors, patients, and other nurses, don’t you think you should know how to communicate properly? If you own a business, whether it be a big corporation or a restaurant, don’t you think you should also properly communicate with staff, employees, clients? I think yes for both. Communication is all around you, and it is super important to have the skill set while working in any field.

In conclusion, if you are an undecided major, I highly advise to checkout the Corporate Communication major here at Dominican or even look into minoring it. No matter the major, you will have an extra set of commutation skills to accomplish anything and be the best employee, CEO, or whatever you choose. If you are interested in the media and public discourse, then there is the Rhetoric and Communication degree that could help you. If you want to effect a change in the world around, then the Journalism degree is for you.

For more information on this major contact John Jenks, Department Chair, at (708) 524-6932 or at jjenks@dom.edu. Don’t forget to follow @ducommstars and #whycommunication

Gabriella Socco

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