What It Means to Be a Communication Major

Upon entering Dominican University, I was set on pursuing a career in Journalism.

I always had a passion for writing and the fast-paced environment within the journalism field intrigued me. It has been one of those things that has enriched my soul and allowed me to expand my mind. So I decided to put my skills into practice by working for a number of media outlets specifically aimed at profiling the electronic dance music scene. The hands-on experience and the ability to network with a number of interesting individuals immersed in the music industry has pushed me towards exploring fields in communication much more thoroughly.

Primarily, I had declared my major in Journalism, but decided to change my major to Corporate Communications my second year of college on account of my exposure to fields like public relations, artists and repertoire, management, and that of booking agent(s). The Corporate Communications major is extensively broad and allows for the student to become oriented in various subject areas. Through this major, we learn the dynamics of interacting with members of other cultures, explore the realms of rhetoric, perform organizational research, and have room for introspective discussions pertaining to the ideas of various theories.

keep-calm-and-call-communications-4Some people find pleasure in certain things because of a preconceived belief that that is what they are supposed to like. However, as I dove into the courses that Corporate Communications major consisted of, I found myself really invested in the overall content of each class. Everything that was being reiterated to me through lectures and classroom discussions was always related and applicable to real-life situations. This was the ultimate awakening for me that this is a study I wish to obligate myself to, learn more about, and encourage others to explore some, if not all, that it has to offer.

My passion for this particular major is incredibly strong, and I’d like to think that throughout various talks with one of my best friends, I was the person that has pushed him towards declaring the same major. He finds the world of media fascinating, but the application through the study of communication to it and other different real-life occurrences adds its own unique flair. This major is highly significant and relative to me because once I graduate college, I know that I am secured to get a job in any field I desire due to my vast experience, exposure, and investment in the study of the subject. By understanding how to adequately address a message to someone, I am able to achieve my planned goals.

One of my professors once said, “The world belongs to the assertive.” I’d like to think that the major is molding me into an assertive, persistent, and competent individual. I have applied countless skills derived from the context of my classes and incorporated them into real life. The major has not fully been introduced to me yet, but I am at the 1/3 mark of completing it, and I find myself growing each and every day. In the future, I hope to utilize what I have learned and put it towards a profound career. As of this moment, I have long-term goals in becoming a booking agent/representative at a talent agency in either my home of Chicago or the exciting Big Apple, New York City.

The art of communication has provided me with the essential tools to speak my mind freely, but at the same time to understand the proper formation of thoughts, opinions, and information in order to execute my thoughts appropriately. This distinction allows us to formulate better and stronger relationships with people, and I believe that once this concept is fully integrated within ourselves, we can conquer all and achieve all we aspire to achieve.


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